Minkoku Hyakunen

Minkoku Hyakunen
released in 2011.09
Kandala Records Avant-Garde 02
Album, CD-ROM, Order

This is the only one album of Minkoku Hyakunen (民国百年). 300 copies limited! Its subtitle "Project Integration/Intervention into Tenryu City" means that the members of MH take the sound of Taipei City as their "instruments". Sometimes they just did the field recording in order to catch the city soundscape. Sometimes they "performed" there and made themselves parts of the field and recorded the soundscape which includes their own sound. There are 16 tracks collected from many events and places. And MH did decoupage to some of them. Naughty, noisy, and really interesting. 

Minkoku Hyakunen, pronounced in Japanese, means "Centennial Republic of China" in Taiwan. The duo, however, is not "a Royalist" at all, but rather an ironic musique concrète team. They are Dawang Huang, a legendary noise musician, and You-Sheng Zhang, an younger noise musician in Taiwan. This time, they don't do electronic or harsh noise but use toys and religious items to make sound. Besides, they love to mock some famous artists or characters and make audience laugh. Maybe MH is also a performance art group. You should check out its live performance as soon as possible because it exists for only one year! 

01 Intro - 0'26"
02 Lovely St. Sanshui - 3'14"
03 The Opening Theme of "Make Up" (2011) - 2'33"
04 Yankee Doodle Dadadada!!!!! - 1'55"
05 Waterproof, dustproof, crashproof - 1'46"
06 Gaoshou Gaoshou Gaogaoshou - 3'45"
07 Tenryujin Harvet Fest. - 2'32"
08 Dino the Superstar - 2'52"
09 Dawang is Lecturing - 5'07"
10 Kids and Two Strangers - 3'44"
11 "Love You Too Much" (2003) - 1'26"
12 The Rose, the Noise - 1'31"
13 Candy Says - 5'34"
14 PPT before Flashing - 2'46"
15 We are Minkoku Hyakunen!!!!! - 2'05"
16 ... And Minkoku Hyakunen is OVER!!!!! - 4'55"